Saturday, October 1, 2011

How do you like the new shirts for city carriers and for clerks?

As many of you know, the USPS came out with new solid light blue shirts for letter carriers and for retail clerks last October 2010. We have been hearing a lot of good and a lot of bad from our customers. Before I share some of the comments from our readers, if you are one of those that do NOT like the new shirts, we still have some of the old style shirts in stock. For letter carriers check out this page for remaining stock: old letter carrier shirts. We still have a fair selection on hand. For retail clerks check out: old Retail Clerk shirts. We have a full stock of sizes at the low clearance price of $15.99! And of course we have a complete stock of all the new style shirts for both letter carriers and for retail clerks.

Now here are some of the comments we have received:

I am loving these new solid blue shirts. Thank you very much. The old ones look liked pajamas.

Who thought of this shirt? Once again a light color that will show every stain and dirt.

these stoopid shirts wrinkle and need to be ironed. i dont have time.

Much softer feel than the old shirt. Thank you.

I’ve been a letter carrier for thirty two years. This is the most ridiculous of all the different shirts we have been subjected to. Why didn’t anyone ask for our input?

Where’s the cotton? another polyester mess.

Who cares? I only wear the polo shirt.

I am liking these new shirts. They are very professional and crisp. Finally the USPS has put us in a uniform that we can wear.

As you can see the reaction has been very mixed. I guess like anything new there will be those who jump onboard and those who will complain. Feel free to let us know what you think!

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Michele Ward
The Uniform Girl


  1. I hate the new shirts. The fabric is more transparent and the dirt and smudges from handling so much dirty mail are SO much more visible on plain fabric. I understand the need for a fairly standard look, but more variety would be wonderful. Subtle variations in fabrics and a variety of lengths of shorts wouldn't detract from our image. We spend the majority of our lives in these clothes. It would be nice if they were more comfortable and had a little variety.

  2. I hate the new shirt jac the old ones was good

  3. I hate the new solid color shirts!! The whole uniform is from the 70's. The visors are awful!! They also need to come out with uniforms with natural fabrics. Polyester is not good for the "lady parts"...

  4. I have not purchased the new all blue jac shirt & really don't care for it. I really miss the old ones, no other company's uniform shirt resembles it. Remember we are 1 of a kind, now we look like every on else...n a boring blue utility workers shirt. Please bring back our shirts or at least give us a choice to decide! K from Arlington, Va

  5. The new shirts are manufactured differently than the old,..while the old XL was loose, the new XL is pretty much form fitting. Very bad change

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  7. Hate the color hate the material.

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