Thursday, June 30, 2011

How to get new Postal Uniform items approved

Letter Carriers in the US started to wear postal uniforms in 1868 and for almost 150 years they have not always been happy with the choices they have been given. Even though today there are more choices than ever, the number one question we get as a postal uniform vendor is, “How do I suggest a new uniform item?”

In recent years the USPS has been more responsive to the postal uniform needs of its employees. Among the more recent items is the “floppy” sun hat which provides the wearer with a wide brim for adequate sun coverage and material that gives the hat excellent UV protection. The hat also incorporates newer high tech material with wicking and cooling properties. A few years ago the USPS also certified the “all weather gear” system for extreme cold and wind.
These items came about as a result of suggestions made by USPS letter carriers to their union. The postal uniform decision makers for the USPS listen when the unions that represent the majority of the employees, the NALC, APWU, and NPMHU, suggest new uniform items. Once the union suggests an item to the USPS, the process of designing and certifying the item begins. The manufacturers will get involved with suggested materials and styles, and samples will be made for the union and the USPS to look over. Once everyone is in agreement, a “wear test” will usually be done to make sure that the item is viable and those who participate in the test will give their feedback. Then the USPS will announce a release date and the item will become available to the employees through the uniform vendors.

So if you have an idea in mind, take it to your national union and make the suggestion. You could be responsible for the next item worn by hundreds of thousands of USPS employees!
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